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Lead & Spiral Spring Balances

BALANCE UK Spring Balances, 6-13kg/Sash Window D4

Price's from : £15.50 each

Finish :
Price Breakdown :
1 - 9
10 - 30
31 +


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BALANCE UK Blue Coupling Spring Balances.

Come as a PAIR complete with White tube

STEP 1. Get Correct balance length,

Choose from 18" - 32"

STEP 2. Weigh EACH Sash window in KG.

Our simple data sheet (sent with every pair of balances) YOU THEN can calculate the no. of turns needed for the weight of your sash window..Simple!

If this process is followed above correctly NO problems should occur in correct fitting!

Principally specified for timber windows, balances are suitable for sash weights between 6kg and 13kg and sash heights of 460mm to 800mm.

2/3 day delivery/


Download Balance Order Form
Balance Order Form

When ordering Lead / Spiral Spring Balances, please cdownload and complete the 'Balance Order form' on the left.